5 Steps to Getting Your New House Ready for Moving Day

February 20, 2018



The most exciting part of moving is finally getting the keys for your new home.

Now the real work can begin – getting settled in the house you’ve been in love with since the first showing.
Make life easier and don’t neglect any of these steps to get your house ready for living, working, and 
playing. These are essential tasks for getting ready for moving day.

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Getting Ready for Moving Day? Start Here

Moving day is coming up. Time to clean, paint, and tick off some boxes on your to-do list!

1. Change the Locks

For peace of mind, one of the first things you do when you take possession is change the locks. If you choose not to carry out this task, you need to be okay with the knowledge that an unknown number of spare keys are floating around in the world.
Everyone from the realtor to the previous owners may still have keys. Call in a locksmith to make sure you control who has access to your home.

2. Do a Deep Clean

The perfect time to deep clean your new house is after you get the keys but before you move anything in. The house is a big, empty blank slate, and you can easily clean the floors and other surfaces without obstructions in your way.
If you don’t have time to do the work yourself, hire out a cleaning service to scrub the house from top to bottom before you move in.

3. Freshen up the Paint

Just like with cleaning, the perfect time to paint is when there’s nothing in the house. You won’t have to move any furniture away from walls, and there’ll be no need to cover anything in tarps – except for the floors, of course.
If you hate the paint colors on the walls, get them painted when you’re getting ready for moving day. You’ll be glad you checked the task off your list so quickly.

4. Get the Heating/Cooling Equipment Serviced

For insurance against a hot summer or a cold winter, get your HVAC serviced and cleaned before moving day. Routine tasks like this are one essential part of home-ownership, so getting them finished is a good start.
Plus, you’ll fix problems before they arise. It’s smart to do, because there’s nothing worse than the air conditioner failing in a sweltering summer, or the heat quitting in the dead of a frigid winter.

5. Put Up Curtains

After all the maintenance and cleaning, but before moving in furniture, put up curtains. You’ll want them up for privacy – plus, they instantly make your décor look finished and put-together. This is a boon when you’re moving in and figuring out how you want each room to look, which can be a bit of a mess.

Getting Ready for Moving Day Makes the Finish


If you take the time to get ready for moving day, you’ll enjoy your home more once unpacking is complete. You’ll rest easy knowing at least some essential tasks are done. That frees you up to address more important things – like ordering celebratory pizza.


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