5 Top Items that Get Damaged While Moving (and How to Pack Them)

August 21, 2018
Moving is full of pitfalls and misadventures. Case in point: you’re finally in your new home. You start opening boxes only to
discover some of your precious possessions got damaged. Whether your heirloom set of dishes are now in shards or you
r expensive lamp shade got bent, this can be an unwelcome – and disheartening – surprise. Avoid the pain and get smart about which items are most likely to break on your journey. Then learn how to pack them the
 right way so everything arrives at your new abode safe and sound.


Packing and Moving Tips: These 5 Items Are Most Likely to Break

Learn how to pack your most fragile items and avoid the frustration of damaged goods when you’re moving house.

1. Plates and Glasses

The number one item was probably easy to guess: dishware breaks most often during a move. Glasses, in particular, can be a moving nightmare.

To pack plates and glasses properly, you need lots of padding. Individual glasses n

eed to be first stuffed with crumpled packing paper, then rolled up in more paper. Stack them in a sturdy box vertically, with extra paper between each layer. Fill any empty spaces with – you guessed it – more crumpled paper.

For dishes, wrap them in layers of paper, then place them vertically in a box. They should be so snugly packed, you should hear no rattling when the box is moved.

2. Mirrors

Avoid seven years’ bad luck and don’t break your mirrors in a move.

Whatever you do, don’t pack them with the glass facing the wall of a picture box. Wrap them up securely with packing paper or bubble wrap, and pack them facing inwards.

3. Lampshades

Their strange size and awkward shape make lampshades a culprit for damage when moving house.

Avoid bent or torn shades and wrap them in paper, then fill the inside cavity with more crumpled paper. This will help them keep their shape.

4. Books

Improperly packed books will suffer from bent and torn pages, broken spines, and damaged covers.

To protect them, buy a book box from the packing supply store. Place books face-down,  and fill the box so the books are snug. Fill any gaps with crumpled paper.

From shampoo to cleaning supplies, poorly sealed bottles can spill all over and leak, damaging your other items.5. Liquids

For a good seal, remove each bottle’s cap, place a small bit of plastic wrap over the opening, and screw the cap back on. For extra insurance, you can put tape over the cap, too. Place bottles in a small box, right-side-up, and surround them with packing material so they don’t shift.

How to Pack for Moving: Use Lots and Lots of Padding!

To keep your possessions from breaking during a move, there is one trick out of all the packing and moving tips that won’t let you down: use lots and lots of padding. Bubble wrap, packing paper, and even linens can pad your stuff and keep it safe. Remember: when in doubt, use more padding!


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