Creative Solutions For Small Yards

June 19, 2018

Creative Solutions For Small Yards


If you aren’t a proud owner of a large and airy garden, you might assume that there isn’t much you can do with the limited outdoor space you have. Luckily, this is not the case.
There are many ideas which can help you transform your small yard into a cozy and artistic area. If you’ve lost your landscaping inspiration, these tips will lead you right to it.

Creative Ideas for Stunning Small Yards


Make a Big Statement With Bold Colors

A small yard can be just as striking as a spacious one with a simple pop of color. You can create a stylish look for your space by choosing a color scheme of 2-3 hues. Once you’ve made your pick, create points of visual interest with flowers in bloom, garden lanterns, and some throw pillows in the same color.

Design a Small Living Room Outdoors

One of the trendiest creative solutions for small yards is setting up a cozy seating area adorned with potted plants and outdoor string lights.

Go Vertical with Succulent Wall Art

All you need to make an enchanting succulent garden in your yard is a wooden picture frame, a tray and wire mesh. Your small yard will truly stand out with this work of art.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Hang a few vintage mirrors on the fence and create the illusion of a much larger outdoor space. The reflection of the surrounding flora will trick the eye and add extra acreage to your garden.

A Niche to Remember

Utilize the corners by the house or garage by placing a tiered terra cotta planter, a dwarf tree, or foliage plants. Thus you will turn those easily ignored landscape nooks into surprising focal points.

Intriguing Floral Ladder

An old wooden ladder can serve as a dazzling stand for fragrant herbs, blossoms or even veggies. Grab the sandpaper and the paintbrush and add this eye-catching detail!

Give Tin Cans a Second Chance

Use spray-painted cans in bright colors as planters and hang them on your fence for a sunny mood. You can ask your kids to join you and have the time of your life. Fun, easy and space-saving!

Window Box with Perrenials

It is beautiful to look at both from your window and outside. Plus, it doesn’t rob space from small yards. You can plant your favorite flowers in a wooden window box and enjoy the view with a cup of coffee at home or at a cast iron table in the open.

Vintage Furniture Garden

Instead of throwing out your old dresser, set up pots inside its drawers and create a stunning planting base. You can use old wooden chairs, typewriters and jewelry boxes in a similar manner and set up an appealing vintage garden area.

Creative Ideas Make Small Yards a Hot Spot

If you want to turn your limited outdoor space into an attractive hangout zone, think outside the box. Follow this guide to utilize the area in original ways for a stunning effect.


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