Secret Staging Tricks to Make Your Home Listing Photos Shine

March 26, 2018



It’s the age of the internet and Wi-Fi, which means buyers get their first glimpse of your home through the online listing.

That first look is pretty crucial – buyers will either become intrigued and add you to their watch list, or they’ll just keep scrolling.

To make your best first virtual impression, your home listing photos need to shine.

How to do it? There are some secret staging tricks you can employ before your home is photographed for the web that can make all the difference.

How to Make Your Home Listing Photos Pop

Staging your house for sale can take a bit of finesse. Use easy staging tricks to make your home camera-ready.

Check Who’s Taking the Photos

If you’re working with a real estate agent, they’re probably taking care of your listing photos. However, you don’t want to take any chances.

Ask them if they have a staff photographer, or if they’ll be doing the shooting themselves. Find out what kind of equipment will be used – digital camera, cell phone, or a tripod set-up – and if they will be bringing any extra lighting.

You can also look at their other online listings to see what quality of photos they have produced in the past.

Let the Light In

Good lighting is crucial for bright, quality photos. On photo day, open up all of your blinds and curtains. If your windows are dirty, clean them.

Finally, make sure your photo shoot is scheduled at a time when your home


gets the best light, which will depend on the direction your windows face and if any are shaded by trees or awnings. For instance, an east-facing home gets the best, brightest light in the morning, while a south-facing home will be bright most of the day. 

Clear the Kitchen Clutter

If you have any counter clutter, now is the time to clear it off. It will only make photos look crowded and your home look busy and messy. One or two appliances and a utensil holder left out is fine, but clear away stacks of paper, stray knick-knacks, and any cooking items left out.

Remove Bathroom Toiletries

The same concept in the kitchen goes to the bathroom. Make your space look cleaner and more organized by removing your toiletries from the shower, sink, and counters.

Shine Up the Floors

If you have a great feature in your home like hardwood floors, you want to show off this selling point in listing photos. Clean them, then use a wood finish-safe product that promotes shine to leave them gleaming.

Polish the Appliances

The same concept for your floors goes for your appliances. If you have nice, stainless steel models, give them a good polish so they look brand-new for photos. You can use a mixture of plain-old water and white vinegar, or use a product that’s safe for stainless steel.

Use Staging Tricks for Flawless Home Listing Photos

Your online home listing is how most buyers will find you. Make sure their first impression is perfect by providing flawless photos.


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