Tips for Selling Your Home That Actually Work

February 26, 2018


There are countless articles full of home-selling advice, but this one features tips that actually work. Use this quick guide to help increase the chances of selling your home:
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Make an Appealing First Impression

In most cases, houses for sale see the most 
interest and activity during th
e first thirty days on the market. To capture attention during this time or boost activity following this period, you need to make a great first impression on buyers. This includes pricing your home at the correct level from the beginning, especially if you want a quick sale. You should also enhance your home’s curb appeal, from fixing a cracked driveway to replacing the porch light.

Embrace Social Media

How often have you seen a friend list their home for sale and share the link via social media? If 
someone else had come up to you and asked if you knew anyone selling their home, you would have had an answer. Feel free to share your listing using a variety of social media platforms, in addition to however your realtor is finding potential buyers.
At the same time, try to avoid over-sharing. Feel free to share your listing once a week or more often in the case of an open house, but do not bombard
 your friends and colleagues with the 
message every day. To help expand visibility, however, you could ask a different family member each week to also share the listing.

Offer an Incentive

Has your home been on the market longer than you would like to admit? Many people find success when they get their social network involved in the selling process. Offer a small cash reward for the person who refers the buyers that eventually close on your home. This incentive could vary depending on the cost of your home, but it does not need t
o be more than a thousand dollars. The thought of earning even a few hundred dollars may be enough to encourage your friends and family members to share your posts and talk up your listing with their contacts.

Revisit Your Realtor

If your home still is not selling, schedule an appointment with your realtor to discuss why. Are other homes in the area selling before yours? Would updating the landscape increase curb appeal and therefore buyer interest? Should you schedule an additional open house, or start advertising online? You should be able to determine whether you need to adjust the selling price or simply attract more eyes to the listing.


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