Ana Teresa Rodriguez

Businesswoman and philanthropist Ana Teresa Rodriguez, has stood out as a prominent figure in the realm of luxury real estate, with an illustrious career spanning over 15 years. At the head of ATR Luxury Homes, she has led her team to the pinnacle of success, manifesting as Coldwell Banker’s #1 Small Team in South Florida.

Her laudable achievements extend to being recognized among Coldwell Banker’s prestigious Florida Top 100 Agents, and securing the notable rank of #30 Latino Agents by the respected National Association of Hispanic Realtors. Ana Teresa Rodriguez is passionately devoted to the art of showcasing homes for the most discerning buyers and maximizing returns for her exclusive clientele of sellers.

She takes immense pride in crafting impeccable home-buying experiences, delivering superior results with an unwavering commitment to exceptional service. Her deep understanding of market dynamics and mastery of home presentation have provided her and her team unmatched access to Miami’s exclusive luxury real estate market, setting impressive records along the way.

Ana Teresa Rodriguez, along with her professional team at ATR Luxury Homes, goes beyond simply buying and selling homes. They guide clients in transforming their envisioned residences into reality, offering comprehensive services that encompass renovations, interior design, and home construction. This allows clients to realize their dream homes beyond the traditional confines of real estate transactions.

Always at the forefront of dynamic real estate trends, Ana Teresa Rodriguez remains dedicated to maintaining a competitive edge. By leveraging research, innovation, extensive knowledge, and experience, she expertly navigates the ever-changing market landscape. In line with her team’s steadfast commitment to excellence, her vision is to become the trusted guide for her clients, accompanying them
on every step of their unique journey towards luxury living!

Ana Teresa Rodriguez, the distinguished leader of ATR Luxury Homes, is more than an esteemed figure in Miami’s luxury real estate market. She also stands out as a philanthropist who believes deeply in the art of giving. For Ana, the business of selling real estate extends far beyond property transactions; it is also about helping others and sharing prosperity.

ATR Luxury Homes’; contributions to commendable non-profit organizations include:

ATR has taken on a pioneering role as the founder and sponsor of the America Viva Gala. This Panamerican benefit gala-show is orchestrated by the América Viva Alliance (AVA), a non-profit organization based in Miami that unites a spectrum of charitable entities under the banner of cultural diversity, supporting humanitarian initiatives across the Americas. The gala benefits over 24 non-profit organizations throughout the region.

Ana Teresa Rodriguez serves as the chairperson for the New Land Theatrical Foundation. Her leadership in this role further underscores her commitment to giving back to the community.

ATR proudly served as an inaugural supporter and contributor to the Latina Project, housed at the University of Miami Business School. This initiative highlights her dedication to nurturing future leaders and showcasing the contributions of Hispanic women in business in the United States.

She is also the founder of the “Friendsgiving Toy Drive,” a charitable initiative that collects over 300 bikes, scooters, and tricycles for the children of the Lotus House community each year.

Ana Teresa Rodriguez embodies the essence of philanthropy in her professional life and personal endeavors. Her unwavering commitment to helping others and fostering cultural diversity is a testament to her belief in spreading wealth and promoting a better future. As a Hispanic businesswoman and mother, she actively engages with her community, creating several initiatives that have a significant impact.

To engage with ATR Luxury Homes and be part of this journey of luxury real estate combined with a commitment to giving back, please fill out the form below. Our Vision: To Become Your Trusted Top Miami Realtor, delivering not just exceptional homes, but also a brighter future for our community.

Ana Teresa Rodriguez and her team "ATR Luxury Homes" master in the Art of Selling Real Estate


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